Snorting Around


We have two new animals in our family which are Guinea pigs. They were added in on the 17th of September 2016.

They were the first of our pets / farm animals.

We got them from our cousins that live in Waikerie. The names of our guinea pigs are:

  1. The Long Haired one is “Splinter” (Daniel’s and Caleb’s).
  2. The Short Haired one is “Cocoa” (Abigael’s).

We love playing with them in our spare time. They are also shedding hair all over the place.

We have a roster to take turns at doing guinea pig jobs and all the animal jobs.

The guinea pig jobs include: caring, hay, grass, water, pellets, hugs, changing cages (if too cold or hot), and grooming and styling.

Splinter is a little greedy. Cocoa is a very fidgety little one!

We love our guinea pigs!

Mooing Around

On our block we have 3 noisy cows. They are owned by Les, however, he hasn’t given them names.

So I thought they needed names!

I have made 3 names for them:

  1. The one with the white head is “White Chocolate”
  2. The one with the white tummy is “Milk Chocolate”
  3. And finally the one with the black body is “Dark Chocolate”

Les the owner is a 75 year old Greek man who lives not far from us.

Les comes to check on the cows every morning and every night. He milks them and waters them. Les uses the milk to make Greek cheese.

We wake up every morning to a sound like this”Mooooo”.

Snoopie loves the water that is left out in a big blue container to water the cows. When we take her for a walk and are close to the container of water we let her have a drink and a splash.

Layers upon Layers

On the 24th of January this year mum and dad picked up our 6 chickens that grandma and grandpa got dad for a late 40th birthday present.

On the 14th of April (Good Friday) we found our first egg in the laying box (which dad thought was “egg-cellent” but he was only “yoking”…. ha ha ha).

We have tried our eggs that we have found in the laying box and they are… “eggs-traordinaryly” yummy!

The names of our chickens are:

  1. Princess  Layer
  2. Pekichu
  3. Red Dog
  4. Hen Solo
  5. Cheeky Chick
  6. Chicken Nugget

They love the grass and weeds that we have grown for them in their yard.

Dad has automated the chook house so we know the temperature and humidity all the time, and their door opens at a set time after sunrise and closes a set time after sunset.

We also have a green LED light when it’s open and a red one when it’s closed!

We love our chooks.

Woof Woof Weport

On the 28th of December 2016, we got our first ever puppy.

We  named her Snoopie because she is black and white, but a girl, which is why we added the “ie” on the end.

Our family got her off dad’s cousin Amanda near Barmera.

Because her mummy dog had puppies.

She is a great puppy to snuggle with, play with and get free bites from 🙂

Snoopie loves going on walks with us and sticking her tongue out of the ute window.

New school

IMG_6153All the kids have started at new schools. Abbie and Daniel at Moorook Primary School and Caleb at Barmera Kindergarten. They are all enjoying themselves and look forward to going to school which is fantastic.

Caleb’s first day was a bit of an adjustment for him and he was very clingy and took a while to feel relaxed.

Eventually one of the staff (they have fantastic staff) took him outside to see their “mud kitchen” (yep, that’s right) and he was able to unlock the water pump and start pumping it… and then he was right!

So every day since then it’s “You can go now mum/dad!” when we drop him off!2016-05-03 08.21.03

Barmera Kindy have a bush kindy program that starts this week, which he is looking forward to very much. They get to go out to the bush and climb trees and search for bugs! Completely up his alley.

Abbie and Daniel are enjoying themselves – Abbies is in senior school (Grade 3-7) and Daniel in Junior school (Reception to Grade 2).

Daniel is the only Grade 1 student but has fast made friends with some other boys, and has already had several playdates.

Abbie is enjoying a smaller school. In fact today, I heard her say to a teacher that she loves the smaller school environment.

IMG_6329The staff are fantastic at Moorook Primary School.

Abbie and Daniel have also started music lessons with a local private company called “Music Alive”. Daniel is learning the drums and Abbie has started voice lessons. We’ll see how they go.


We’re moving!

Last night we confirmed our moving date from Canberra to the Riverland in South Australia.

We will say goodbye to the amazing city of Canberra on Saturday 9th April, the day after Term 1 finishes!

The weekend before (2nd and 3rd April) will be packing up the house day, and we will need to find somewhere to live for that next week while we clean the house and the kids finish school.

It’s with a mixed sense of sadness and excitement that this chapter in our story closes…. but at the same time a new one opens!

Just like the doors to this shipping container, waiting for our belongings to be packed inside.

Thanks for coming on the journey with us.