ReImagnn Ridge is the blog of the Reimann Family.

We currently live in South Australia on a 10 acre farm in the Riverland.

We have 14 members in our family – Mum (Claire), Dad (Brenton), Abbie, Daniel and Caleb.

For the mathematical genius’, yes, this doesn’t add up to 14.

The 9 other members of our family are our animals / pets. You can read about them on our blog in the posts “Mooing Around”, “Layers and Layers”, “Snorting Around” and “Woof Woof Weport”. All these posts were written by our daughter Abbie.

We live in a caravan and shed on our farm, which we call ReImagnn Ridge.

The name is simply Reimann, our surname, with a “G” inserted to represent Green, which is our goal to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Claire is a Community Nurse and has a casual position at present with SA Health visiting people in their homes and caring for them.

Brenton and Claire are both vocational staff workers (faith workers or missionaries) with the Christian youth and community mission organisation called Fusion (www.fusion.org.au).

Brenton is currently serving as National Resource Consultant for Fusion’s National Office in Australia. He has been in this role since February 2016.

As a family we are keen to live as simply as possible, grow as much of our own food as we can, recycle as much as possible and live as sustain-ably as possible.


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