Our tank overfloweth…

Yes it’s true. Our rain water tank overflowed around dinner time tonight. 

One positive is that a couple weeks ago we installed a pump and the ability to feed rain water into our shed so i switched it over tonight so we can try and get the level down by using the water ourselves rather than it going on the ground. 

I managed to rig up a temporary overflow diversion into our River water settling tank with isn’t quite full. So we’ll see how we go!

That’s 30.9mm since yesterday and still counting!

Our Two New Additions

We’ve recently added two new lean-tos to our shed/house (“shouse”) to aid our ability to cover our vehicles and store building materials more effectively. 

It’s also made a huge difference being able to drive home and unload the car under cover while it’s raining. 

We purchased the steel for these lean-tos thanks to generous supporters responding to our Winter Appeal back in June and July. 

Thank-you! You know who you are. 

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