Rain on the Roof

Pitter patter, pitter patter….

…gee I love the sound of rain on a corrugated iron roof!

And bet2016-05-25 10.09.59ter yet for us here at Reimann Ridge, it means the rain water tank is filling up, and our vegies are getting watered plus our now nearly 60 trees, shrubs and groundcovers are getting a lovely drink.

Thankyou God!

We’ve had 3mm of rain since early this morning, and it looks like for the first time this autumn we might get a good soaking rain today.2016-05-25 10.09.31

This also means we will hopefully be able to start some post hole drilling and get some fences up around our farm.

It’s been great getting to know how our wood oven (a Nectre Big Bakers Oven) works. I have it ticking over in the background because it’s pretty nippy here in the shed today.

Last night we tested out the oven part of the wood heater by cranking it up – we got it up to just over 100 degrees Celsius and warmed up some meat pies (our kids are into meat pies currently) as well as cooked some M&M biscuits which was fun.2016-05-24 19.13.012016-05-25 10.10.20 A couple pies and biscuits got a little black around the edges, but you can’t have everything perfect when using a wood oven for the first time, can you!

We can’t wait to try out our oven more.

We have hot water!

Wow. Amazing. As i sit down on the couch in our ‘shouse’ or shed tonight, its to the very comforting and relaxing sound and feeling of a wood heater.

Today was another big day for us in our epic adventure. 

It started at 6.30am when I finally dragged myself out of bed after a pretty HUGE day yesterday fitting the 30 evacuated tubes to our solar hot water system (I spent 3 hours straight on the roof… something i dont want to repeat anytime soon).

Today the plumbers arrived at 7.30am to connect up our solar hot water system and wood heater (with wet back).

We were so blessed to get to know Quentin and John from QS Plumbing over the 5 hours they were here.

Check out their website www.qsplumbing.com.au if youre interested.

For those who are interested in the details of the systems we have they are a 250Litre 30 tube evacuated solar hot water system from Red Circle Solar in Melbourne (www.redcirclesolar.com.au) and a Nectre Big Bakers Oven from Mitre10 in Waikerie.

The water booster or ‘wet back’ on the wood oven has a tank factory fitted in the firebox that has two fittings at the back to connect up to the solar hot water tank on the roof.

It works on the principal of thermosyphoning the hot water back up to the tank on the roof and bringing cooler water down to heat back up!

The install wasnt all plain sailing but thanks to Quentin and John, we got there!

Tonigh we went out to have showers at my folks place, hopefully for the last time. I worked some more on  finishing off our shower in the shed today but there is still a fair bit to go.

Then as a celebration we went out for dinner for the first time at the Moorook Club which was fantastic.

It takes a while for the water in the tank to heat up, however we tried it tonight and it’s pretty good! It was actually exciting to wash the dishes using only water from the tap, not having to boil the kettle a couple times first. So this hot water is purely solar and wood heated!

Although being completely offgrid means our kettle uses fully renewable power too, but we need to watch our batteries!

The exciting adventure continues. Thanks for your interest.

Dust, dust and yep you guessed it, more dust!

Welcome to the Riverland they say… this week saw our first duststorm.

On Monday it blew and blew and blew.

Our weather station (a present from Claire to Brenton at Christmas) was reading over 30km/hr winds at one stage… and then the weather speed sensor blew off!

It basically blew all Monday, and much of Tuesday.

Now here’s the challenge – living in a shed that isn’t sealed (there are gaps under all the corrugations on the roof sheeting) with the sliding doors that have gaping holes between them and between them and the concrete slab – means any dust makes itself very welcome – and I definitely think too welcome!

So we’re still cleaning up the dust, 5 days later.

But despite the dust, we are appreciating these 10 acres God has entrusted to us more and more each day. It’s so quiet, peaceful and full of surprises.

We’ve had visiting kangaroos over the last few days too which is lovely. One even had a joey in it’s pouch that Daniel and Caleb and I tracked down.

Life is full, exhausting and yet chock full of goodness.

2016-05-08 16.49.52

If you squint a little you should be able to make out 2 kangaroos in the centre of this picture. These are the ones the boys and Brenton tracked down on our block. The one on the right has a joey in it’s pouch. You’ll just have to take our word for it!