We’re moving!

Last night we confirmed our moving date from Canberra to the Riverland in South Australia.

We will say goodbye to the amazing city of Canberra on Saturday 9th April, the day after Term 1 finishes!

The weekend before (2nd and 3rd April) will be packing up the house day, and we will need to find somewhere to live for that next week while we clean the house and the kids finish school.

It’s with a mixed sense of sadness and excitement that this chapter in our story closes…. but at the same time a new one opens!

Just like the doors to this shipping container, waiting for our belongings to be packed inside.

Thanks for coming on the journey with us.


The Shed’s Up!

Phew! What a great feeling to have planned something for months, and then completed it in a very short time window.

We were planning our shed build for 6 months last year, with the plan to put it up with the help of my uncle, Phil Obst, the week between Christmas and New years and the first week of January.

This was the time we were home in the Riverland visiting my family and friends.

During this time Claire also needed to fly back to Canberra for 3 days nursing work as she couldn’t get anymore time off in leave since she only started her job in September.

Want to see some pictures? Thought you’d never ask! 🙂

Here’s a few pics, then I’ll share some of the adventure afterwards.

Just trying a new way to show the photos!

My intention is to show how we started with nothing (the big one at the start) and then it gradually took shape over the 7 days that Uncle Phil and I worked on it.

The weather was suitably hot for that time of year in the Riverland, although no 40+ degree days while we were working on it, thank you God!

There were a couple close ones though, but also some cool changes which were very welcome.

I certainly learnt a heap working with Uncle Phil who could put up a shed easily in his sleep. He’s been doing it for 30 years and this shed was SMALL compared to the ones he usually puts up.

From boring the holes, to laser leveling the posts, to raising the back wall, using the hyraplat, crane, tekscrewing on the wall sheeting and roofing, concreting the holes etc it was non stop flat out.

But what a sense of achievement.

It was very very helpful being able to leave the kids with family to look after too – Caleb had almost a week with Grandma and Grandpa (my mum and dad) on the farm, and Abbie and Daniel stayed at my sisters and brother-in-laws place in Waikerie with their cousins. They also got to attend Vacswim Royal Life Saving Society swimming lessons at Waikerie Pool.

So putting up the shed chapter closes, and the next chapter beckons – getting a concrete floor in it and moving over!

South Australia, we are bound!

Yes, that’s right. This year we are moving to the Riverland in South Australia to live.

We will have lived in Canberra just shy of 10 years.

We moved to Canberra to take up the leadership of Fusion Australia’s local work in Canberra.

Claire and I were newly married, having just celebrated our first year wedding anniversary a couple months previously, in June of 2006 in Germany, where we had been serving with Fusion as part of the outreach during the FIFA Soccer World Cup.

There have been so many memories made during our time in Canberra. We’ve met so many amazing people, and had the privilege of being allowed to hear their stories and hopefully help them take some next steps in writing their next chapters.

We’ve connected with hundreds of young people through our Fusion work, it’s been amazing.

During our time in Canberra we’ve also been absolutely blessed by having 3 gorgeous kids – Abbie, Daniel and Caleb.

We want to thanks all those who have taken the time to get to know us, and let us into their lives – some for a short time, others for a little longer.

AE1O7402_8216You have all made our time here in Canberra that much more richer, and we have learnt so much from everyone through it all.

We are certainly going to miss Canberra and our friends and family here. The Fusion team here is an amazing bunch of inspiring people who give so much of themselves for the sake of others.

We can’t wait to keep hearing what you will do when we’re gone!

We hope we can stay in touch from South Australia and there will definitely be a bed for anyone wanting to visit us in the Riverland.

We will continue serving through Fusion in various ways from South Australia. But more to come about that in future posts!