Sustaining our Ministry with Fusion

Hi there,

Over the years we’re often asked, so if you don’t receive a wage for what you do with Fusion, how do you live?

The simple answer is “God provides”. But the longer answer is He provides through people who care enough about what we are doing, and want us to continue doing it, so they pray, or give us money or make us a meal etc.

This post outlines the practical ways you can support us financially.

  1. Online Credit Card: Make a donation online at All donations are tax deductible, and they are securely processed via credit card. This is our and Fusion’s preferred method that attracts the least amount of administrative work for all involved.
  2. Direct Bank Transfer: Send a direct deposit either via bank transfer in your internet banking system, your mobile phone banking app, or in person at a bank. The details are:
    • Account Name: Fusion Community Care
    • BSB: 037012
    • Account Number: 127200
      (NOTE: please email with details)
  3. Cheque: You can send a donation via cheque to our national office at 106-107 Walker St, North Sydney NSW  2060. Please make out cheques to FUSION AUSTRALIA LTD and ensure you indicate clearly with a note that it is a gift for the Reimanns staff support.
  4. Cash: Cash is a little bit tricky but if you can give it to us in person we can see it is processed appropriately through Fusion so you get a tax deductible receipt etc.

The contact details for our National Office who handle all Fusion’s staff support donations are:

Fusion National Office
106 – 107 Walker St
Ph: 02 8805 5995

Thankyou for your interest and support. We simply couldn’t sustain our ministry and service with Fusion without people like you.


The Reimanns


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